Bower & Associates

Bower & Associates was formed to help business owners create immense wealth by employing various funding strategies developed over the partners’ many years of experience within the investment community. Surprisingly, many business owners don’t realize that their companies have any significant asset value that anyone would invest in. While they are successful professionals or entrepreneurs, they primarily focus their energies on increasing their gross revenues and net income rather than on the building of asset value that could provide them the wealth and financial security truly desired.

Bower & Associates was, therefore, founded to redefine the way in which great business owners are introduced to investors, bringing these two parties together in a unique manner previously unknown to each other. With its partners’ professional backgrounds and expertise, the company works with its clients to guide them through this universe – how it might apply to their business, how to plan for a buy or sell transaction and how to get their business to the value they seek. With our hands-on assistance, we will work to understand an owner’s business, strategize to meet the objectives sought, accelerate the mechanics necessary to prepare their business for growth or sale, negotiate with interested suitors and, finally, secure funding within the investment arena.

Bower & Associates’ approach is to begin by teaching business owners about possibility – that working with an investment banker is something that could be available to them; figuring out what their business or target is worth; and the multiples that the investor market looks at in defining the value of the asset under consideration. Next, we determine where they want to be and what sort of value transaction would excite them in order to concentrate their efforts on the ultimate outcome. Last of all, after determining where they are currently, we develop strategies to close the gap between that point and where they aspire to be so that, together, we can all work toward reaching the goal in sight.


At Bower & Associates, in developing a relationship of possibility, we help our clients discover the hidden value in their business so that they can create the opportunities for themselves and others that they have always dreamed about.


At Bower & Associates, we help business owners create wealth by employing various funding strategies that we have developed over our many years of experience within the investment community.