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At Bower & Associates, we help business owners create immense wealth by employing various funding strategies that we have developed over our many years of experience within the investment community.

Mark T. Bower

Mark T. Bower has spent his career developing a broad base of business proficiency unmatched by others. Together with his undergraduate and graduate studies, along with his varied experiences, he is constantly expanding his skills and abilities for the benefit of those he serves. A nationally recognized consultant on medical practice management matters, Mr. Bower has provided hands-on expertise helping hundreds of healthcare professionals increase revenues, implement managed-care strategies, value practices and facilitate funding or mergers and acquisitions for a wide array of entities. Through his work, he has been able to bring about focus and structure in business settings not normally noted for their adherence to effective planning principles. As a result of his overall efforts, he recently grew a physician client from $4 million to $15 million in revenues in 18 months, writing the business plan necessary to attain a $22 million valuation from the private equity market.

Mr. Bower’s professional life is balanced with an equally impressive commitment to serve his community. Working from the age of 9, he was able to invest in stocks and help his parents with the much-needed purchase of a family automobile. Later, as one of the youngest individuals to reach the rank of Eagle Scout at the age of 13, he was extremely involved with programs that provided essential assistance to the less fortunate and underserved in the North Texas region. Finally, numerous times a year, Mr. Bower travels with The Anthony Robbins Companies in the select role of Trainer to assist with various aspects of mental, emotional and physical mastery. This volunteer position affords him the opportunity to promote his personal life philosophy that he first learned as a Boy Scout: “Be Prepared”.

Mr. Bower received a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree in Accounting from Baylor University and a MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from Texas A & M University where he was recognized as the most outstanding MBA student in the area of finance among six north Texas schools. Furthermore, he earned his CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification while working for the prestigious Big 8 accounting firm of Coopers & Lybrand as a Tax Specialist and Senior Auditor working in close collaboration with the firm’s officers in the healthcare, banking retail, computer, manufacturing, agricultural, ranching and governmental, as well as oil and gas, industries to provide service related to auditing and tax issues. As an active sports enthusiast, Mark also completed the 1999 Houston and New York Marathons in under 5 hours and summited both 14,410 ft. Mt. Rainier in 2001 and 13, 776 ft. Grand Teton in 2002.

Meet Our Team

Rory Carruthers

Director of Marketing, Rory Carruthers is an Award-Winning #1 International Best Selling Author and Co-Founder of Your EPIC Book Launch. He is an International Book Launch Expert™ who has over 20 years of business, sales and marketing experience. Rory has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Business Journal and The Boston Globe and is a member of the National Academy of Best Selling Authors.

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